Michigan Landscaping

landscapingAt Blade Runners Lawn & Landscapes, we put the same care and dedication into designing your landscaping that we do for our own lawn. From the right plants, to decorative stone, to outdoor lighting, we bring your living space to your outdoor space.

Landscaping Services

We believe the best landscaping comes from collaborating with our clients. By creating a partnership with you, we develop a better understanding of your style, your landscaping design, and your overall maintenance needs. Our experienced landscapers take the time to assess your environment to determine the factors that would affect your overall landscaping: soil composition, amount of direct sunlight, type of terrain, and more. By understanding your terrain, we plant trees, shrubs, flowers and plants that will not only match your design, but will thrive in your environment.

To create your dream Michigan landscaping, call or contact us, at Blade Runners, today for your consultation.